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  what makes a good teacher?

  i'm a big fan of teachers. i'm here to praise teachers.


  i'm a big fan of teachers.

  i'm here to praise teachers.

  what makes a good teacher?

  three qualities create excellence.

  three traits make a teacher great.

  good teachers have knowledge.

  good teachers have commitment.

  good teachers have patience and love.

  first,academic knowledge is most important.

  good teachers are info experts.

  good teachers are masters in their field.

  great teachers are great students.

  they are aggressive learners.

  they outwork even the best students.

  besides,they are skilled instructors.

  they know how to teach.

  they know how to pass on knowledge.

  second,good teachers are committed.

  they are dedicated to their career.

  they are enthusiastic about teaching.

  good teachers are devoted to learning.

  they are passionate about education.

  they have high standards and expectations.

  they put students first.

  they inspire students to work hard.

  they make students believe in themselves.

  tird,good teachers are patient.

  they are tolerant and understanding.

  they are sensitive and sympathetic,too.

  good teachers truly care.

  they respect and trust their students.

  their concern is a special kind of love.

  they are kind,yet demanding.

  they are fun,yet serious.

  they all have hearts of gold.

  finally.good teachers are role models.

  they are fair and honest.

  they have honor and integrity.

  they praise you when you need it.

  they encourage you when you're down.

  they try hard to improve themselves and expect you to do the same.

  they're like loyal friends.

  they're like foster parents at school.

  they're excellent mentors to follow.

  good teachers can make you feel great.

  they can light up your life.

  they can change you forever.

  thank god for good teachers.

  god bless all great teachers.

  without teachers we wouldn't be here.

  thank you for listening.

  i invite you to be a teacher.

  improve the world and make a difference!

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